An Outbreak of Hair

Painting this LEGO portrait series has really made me get LEGOs on the brain.

When we were children, my siblings and I had tons and tons of LEGOs which we played with almost daily. We had a small core set of main characters, and tons of peripheral characters. As you may have guessed, our “main characters” were mostly just Minifigs that my siblings and I had assembled to best resemble ourselves.

And this point is what lead to the hair outbreak: back in the day, LEGO had a very limited selection of hair for Minifigs. Being of mostly Danish ancestry, my brood of siblings 1,000 young consisted of roughly 700 blonde girls. Some of them were very dissappointed that they couldn’t make a blonde Minifig, so my mom actually called LEGO to complain.

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LEGO Portrait Series Part 1

I have decided to start a portrait series of watercolor paintings, based on the peripheral characters my siblings and I invented in our LEGO games. Since Doc has just given me a ton of art supplies for my birthday, I decided that it was high time I started painting this series.

My plan is to finish the whole series, then frame them and give them to my siblings as gifts.

I have finished the first portrait in the series, so here it is along with his bio:

“I’m sorry, I totally zoned out there for a minute, whadid ya order? The yakisoba?”

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The Unquiet Grave

A Medieval tale of a revenant… and the boy who loves it.

Introducing, in time for Halloween, a Medieval tale of a revenant… and the boy who loves it.

I did a cursory scan-and-crop of my 24 Hour Comic, “The Unquiet Grave,” for your reading pleasure.  This was the first time that I had used watercolours in… I don’t know, it must have been 12 years or something like that.  I had recently purchased a combo pack of coloured pencils, pastels, and watercolours.  I was planning on using the pencils, but ultimately decided against that, as it wouldn’t look very much like the Medieval illuminated manuscripts.  I also stole some of Doc’s watercolours 😀

Speaking of which, Doc’s 24 hour comic is amazing and he’s finished scanning his as well.

We participated in 24 Hour Comic Book Day at Mission: Comics & Art on October 20th 2012, and you can read more about that day’s adventures here.

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