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Ancient Sauerkraut

You may remember when I embarked on my lactic acid fermentation, back in September 2014. Soon after the kraut was sufficiently sour for my taste (a month-ish), we binged on sausages and kraut for quite some time. I even bought … Continue reading

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Lactic Acid Fermentation Bacteria: Under the Scope

Well, I got a chance to peek at the bacteria in my sauerkraut and sauerprouts jars! Just as I had expected, the kraut juice had a MUCH higher cell density than the sprouts. The sprout juice was like a desolate … Continue reading

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Lactic Acid Fermentation at Home

I’ve been fermenting a batch of cabbage to make sauerkraut, as well as a batch of Brussels sprouts to make (wait for it)… fermented Brussels sprouts. Yea, turns out there is not a special name for this delicacy. It has … Continue reading

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