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AI Dungeon Multiplayer

Today we tried playing a multiplayer AI Dungeon game ( with three people as players and one person as a GM/moderator/editor. I think it was pretty successful! And we were all howling for a good 15 minutes straight when we … Continue reading

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Sly Rom Strut

I don’t bother chasing Feds aroundI slink down the Neutral Zone looking for a fightCloaked in the moonlight and I’m stayin outta sightSingin’ the blues while the lady-Roms cry“Cunning Rom, you’re a real gone guy”I wish I could be as … Continue reading

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Bouldering at Ring Mountain

With no end in sight to this whole pandemic, I’ve realized that I have to try to return to my life instead of just “waiting for it to be over.” Part of that means figuring out how to return to … Continue reading

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