Where did trolls come from?

This series is an attempt to provide some backstory for my 2013 24-Hour Comic.

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1) Where did trolls come from?
2) Whatever are “Runes”?
3) Who were the valkyries?

Where did trolls come from?
Where did trolls come from?

That is a very good question, and I am very glad you asked it!

One day, while Thor and Loki were hiking through the wilderness, they came upon the remains of a fire. In the center of the char, was a cooked heart. Loki, who was very hungry, picked the heart out of the ashes.

“Hey, check it out! It’s still good!” He exclaimed, looking it over and brushing it off.

“Aw, gross, man. Don’t eat that.” Thor pleaded weakly, knowing that Loki will eat everything in sight if given the opportunity, and therefore any of his protests about how gross something is are usually futile. Continue reading “Where did trolls come from?”