24 Hour Comic Book Day 2013

This morning I finished my second 24 hour comic. Yet again Mission Comics hosted the event, and did a great job.

Page 7 of my 2013 24-hour comic, in which a bear dies. The bear was everybody’s favourite character for some reason, and it is probably not a good sign that s/he died so early on in the book. “Why did you make the bear so cute only to have it die??” It’s just a bear guys, get over it. Plus it was trying to kill the protagonist.

I put a lot more time into writing the story for this one (compared to my 24 hour comic last year), and so I did not have enough time to watercolor it this year. I would still like to watercolor it, so maybe I will still get around to it sometime.

Predictably, I set my comic in a Nordic fairytale landscape. I decided to set it in very early prehistoric Scandinavia. I managed to feature: draug, trolls, a gnome, a nixie, and Ull. I will upload it as soon as I get it scanned.

Being prehistoric, you will see no swords no shields no helms, no nothing metal. Flint knives and spears with leather/fur clothes all around. Errbody has spears. Except for when their spears break, which happens more frequently than you might expect. There is also a carved-bone comb.

I slept for 7 hours as soon as I finished and then I couldn’t sleep any more no matter how much I wanted to, but I am still exhausted from staying up for 24 hours.

Silky Selkies

Lately I’ve been tormenting Doc by talking about selkies every chance I get. You would think he’d be grateful that I’ve (almost) stopped going on about trolls, but this is not the case.

During a selkie rampage, I drew this:

I figure, if you have the ability to turn into a seal, a leopard seal would be the way to go.

But then! I got invited to hang out with Gail and say good-bye to her before she leaves for Antarctica for 18 months. She told me that she will get to see penguins and leopard seals and go ice climbing… I told her, “hold that thought!” and then gave her this drawing as a going-away gift. To her, it is a leopard seal. To me, it is a selkie.

Trimming my big fat SIM card

So I finally bought a new phone. I’d been using my hardy old HTC G2, and it had been serving me quite well so I didn’t see any reason to change. Plus, none of the new phones seemed that much like an upgrade (not like back when I upgraded from the G1 to the G2, I couldn’t wait to stop using the clunky old G1). One bonus feature of the HTC G2 is its indestructibility. I threw that phone into the pavements at high speeds at least 4 times a day, and yet there is not a single scratch or crack to give my violent secret away. Nevertheless, I bought a Nexus 4.

When it arrived today, I was so excited to start using it. Until I noticed that my big fat old SIM card couldn’t possibly fit into the Nexus 4’s petite micro SIM card tray. I was super sad that I’d have to wait to get a new SIM card. Would I need a new phone number as well? While researching the issue, I found this article at CNET, about how to cut the plastic off your SIM card to make it a micro SIM card.

I could bring my card into a T-Mobile shop, and have them cut it for me; I could buy a SIM card puncher; or I could cut it with scissors. You guessed it: I took the scissors to it.

SIM card on the chopping block

You might notice some oxidization on the top left bit of my SIM card. The Southern United States of America collectively did that to my card. Apparently it was so humid there, that my SIM card started oxidizing and not working. There was a puffy green mineralization growing on the surface of the card. When I got back home, I cleaned it off with some ethanol on a Q-tip and it seems to have worked well ever since. The connections on my phone’s battery also oxidized, I might add, and I had to clean them in a similar way. People of The South: do you use SIM cards and how do you prevent this from happening?

Snip snip snip… a new micro SIM card is born!

Here you see the bits of discarded plastic, the cut up template, and the Nexus 4 receiving signal from T-Mobile (thus indicating that the SIM card actually fit inside). Hooray!

Yes, I did use my G2 to take a picture of my Nexus 4. As you do.