Demystifying some anecdotal evidence presented about waterclosets

OK we’ve all heard janitors’ anecdotal evidence about how women’s bathrooms are oh-so-much dirtier than men’s bathrooms.  Here’s my own anecdotal evidence: every time I walk into a men’s bathroom, the whole thing smells like piss and is the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen.  When I go into the women’s bathroom in the same establishment, it’s much cleaner and smells nice.

So, janitors: it would seem that we have conflicting stories.  That’s the problem with anecdotal evidence.

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The Legendary Adventures of Rian D. Adams

Rian was proficient with many weapons and languages

It is time the world knew of the many perilous adventures of Rian D. Adams!  Tales of her bravery abound, the only problem is – they are all made up based on speculation.  She may be even mightier than her legends suggest!  Or, she could be less-so.  But let’s not focus on that, for the purposes of my post, she is incredibly awesome and thus her name shall live on.

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Buildup to a Pull-Up

About five or six months ago, I decided that I wanted to train to do a pull-up.  I have never been able to do one before, but all of a sudden it was something that I wanted to do.  I figured that all my climbing must have already prepared me to do pull-ups.  But no!  Upon trying to do one, I looked absolutely weak and pitiful.  Climbing and working out a lot has also made me gain a lot of weight.  Mostly muscle, so this weight does help my climbing, but still.  And thus began my battle against muscle gain so I could do pull-ups.

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