Morrowind Randomness

I found this screencap from Morrowind randomly, and thought it was kind of funny that I even had it.

Morrowind Screenshot

All I remember about this screenshot is that I took it whilst lugging around a humongo Daedric War Axe that was worth a kabillion gold but weighed more than I did, so I was trying to find a vendor to unload it on ASAP. I think I was in Molag Mar.

I was talking to that redhead Altmer about something, when suddenly that Ordinator ran up behind him and shouted at us to leave him alone or something. And then the Ordinator stood there staring at the Altmer forever. I think I thought it was the funniest thing so I took a picture.

But whatever I found hilarious didn’t quite translate into the picture, as you can see.

More Altmer Adventures

You may recall that I rolled a male Altmer Dragonborn recently just for the heck of it. Even though I still hadn’t finished sidequesting my female Dunmer Dragonborn into oblivion.

Sneaking up a mountain
My Altmer Dragonborn sneaking up a mountain

Well, he is still having his many adventures. Just recently, he thought that maybe Nelacar would be nice to him because they were both Altmer. I figured Altmer must be nice to their own kind at least. But Nelacar was always so aloof and dismissive of him, just like how he is to any other race. Frankly, he was being kind of a jerk.

So he gave up on being friends with Nelacar. Until one day the Dragonborn walked into the inn for some other business, and Nelacar immediately approached him saying, “When I saw this, I immediately thought of you! Take it as a token of my gratitude” and he pressed a Breton cookbook titled “Uncommon Taste” into the Dragonborn’s hands. Which surprised the Dragonborn because it was actually a really thoughtful gift, as well as a very kind and warm gesture.

Nelacar also decided to start eating bread immediately after his warm gesture.
Nelacar also decided to sit down and start eating bread immediately after his warm gesture.

Now, I haven’t finished the Azura’s Star quest line yet (I don’t even think I’ve started it), and I didn’t really do anything for Nelacar that would make him like me. Part of me thinks this must be some sort of bug that set his affinity for him to very high. But another part of me likes to think that Nelacar and my Altmer Dragonborn actually are best buds, and that cold, aloof dismissal is how Altmer show their love. An Altmer behaving in a way that isn’t outright hostility is a sign of affection!

And now I have to wonder, why did the cookbook make Nelacar think of the Dragonborn? Does he like cooking? Traveling? Eating exotic foods? Maybe the two of them should try to cook one of the recipes together sometime.

Being an Altmer Dragonborn can be Confusing

Click for full size (so you can actually read it)

I rolled an Altmer Dragonborn recently because… because.

When he went to Markarth, he was almost immediately handed a note asking him to meet Eltrys at the secret shrine of Talos. And I just cracked up.

I know that not all Altmer are Thalmor, but still. Maybe pause for a minute and think about what you’re doing, if some strange Altmer you’ve never seen before rolls up into town under mysterious pretenses, and your first impulse is to invite him to meet you at the local Talos shrine.

Or, maybe, don’t invite ANY random strangers to meet you at the secret Talos shrine. Because you never know who’s been paid off by the Thalmor.

So I’d like to think that my Dragonborn can’t help but wonder if he was being made fun of. So I drew this comic about it.