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Going to Angel Island

My birthday is coming up, and I have a tradition of never working on my birthday. So I took Monday and Tuesday off, and started poking around for fun things to do (instead of work). I saw that there was … Continue reading

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Swarming Bees

Doc and I were wandering around after working out at the gym, when suddenly I saw a huge swarm of bees dangling from a pomegranate tree at 21st and Treat. They were swarming around with at least one queen, looking … Continue reading

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Who Were the Valkyries?

Jump to an article in my Norse Backstory series: 1) Where did trolls come from? 2) Whatever are “Runes”? 3) Who were the valkyries? Ahh, the mysterious raven-women. After each battle, about half of the heroes slain would go to … Continue reading

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