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Furry Little Coat of Mold

Our homemade brie is successfully growing its furry little coat of mold! And just look at how different they look compared to when I first took the curds out of the forms! They’ve really flattened out. I didn’t even notice … Continue reading

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Mold-Ripened Cheese

Today, after the successes I’ve had with cheddar etc, I’ve decided to try my hand at mold-ripened cheese. This was inspired by reading that, if you don’t want to buy the Penicillium candidum, you can just use a piece of … Continue reading

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Farmhouse Cheddar

Today, since Doc and I had already taken that cheese making class, I decided to make some farmhouse cheddar today! Since we are still experimenting with all the factors, Doc and I decided to make four little cheeses instead of … Continue reading

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