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Lactic Acid Fermentation at Home

I’ve been fermenting a batch of cabbage to make sauerkraut, as well as a batch of Brussels sprouts to make (wait for it)… fermented Brussels sprouts. Yea, turns out there is not a special name for this delicacy. It has … Continue reading

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How to Make Pecan Liqueur

I have been on a liqueur-making rampage recently! They really allow you to make delicious craft cocktails that taste like you paid $16 for it in a bar. I’ve never really bought any bottles of liqueur, however, because: a) you … Continue reading

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Making Milk Liqueur

There is a way to make a milk liqueur that you can add to acidic /fruity drinks, and it won’t curdle! Sure, this is mostly because it has already curdled, but hey! You still get a surprising amount of milky … Continue reading

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